The perks of choosing Owl's Nest, a home~based program:

~~Secured Entry System for your peace of mind (no one can enter without the PIN)
~~Snuza Hero Infant Breathing Monitors used with every  infant as a preventative measure against SIDS
~~Staff has current Infant/Child CPR Certification and First Aid Training
~~Mrs. Trixie, the owner and primary caregiver, has a degree in Early Childhood Education, a Certificate in Child Psychology, and  more than 13 years of experience in working with children.
~~Hands-on, interest-based curriculum adaptable for all ages. Your child will learn new things every day and have fun doing it. No boring lessons allowed here! The curriculum and activities are catered to your child's developmental level.
~~Small group size guarantees more individual attention for each child, every single day. Also, less chance of contracting illness due to small group size.
~~One primary caregiver instead of several ~ promotes a secure bonding attachment and a more personal childcare experience for your family.
~~Visits and phone calls from parents are ALWAYS welcome. You should never feel"cut off" from your child while you are at work.
~~Proudly accredited by the Alabama Department of Human Resources, Childcare Services Division.
~~Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed and fire extinguishers on site.
~~Large, fenced~in playground area with more than enough play equipment and room to run.
~~Actively participate in the USDA's Child Nutrition Program to provide healthy meals and snacks that children enjoy.

There are many photos on this site, 
of the children and of my home! Feel 
free to browse!

I will not be surpassed in program quality, service to your family, or my genuine love for my chosen profession.
I am a dedicated early childhood professional specializing in making children happy, and I loath the term "day care"! Because this place is so much more than that......
I recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles and personalities. I am committed to working within each child's comfort zone to ensure optimal social, emotional and educational benefits for each individual child. And I will do all of this in a warm, caring home environment. 

What will your child gain from attending at Owl's Nest?
Did you know that your child learns ALL kinds of things from simple daily activities? Here are just a few things he/she will pick up at Owl's Nest IN ADDITION TO curriculum learning. The developmental areas are listed in (parenthesis). 

(1)  Block Play: Patterns, design, and counting skills; building and planning structures; matching blocks that look alike (cognitive skills/pre-math). Learning to share and cooperate (social skills). Balance blocks and line them up (fine motor development/science).
(2)  Dramatic Play:  Decides appropriate dress and appearance for roles; uses visual perceptions to assess self, others, and environment; learns and remembers behaviors to imitate; develops abstract thinking abilities (cognitive/arts). Plays adult roles; develops self image and coordinates with others; learns to express feelings (social/self awareness). Learns to express self vocally and in other roles (language).
(3)  Gathering toys/materials:  Makes decisions about interests and abilities (cognitive). Finds toys/materials by himself and sets up environment for play (self-help). Learns to share, barter, manage conflict, and ask for help (social/language). Learns about acceptance and rejection; expresses needs (emotional).
(4)  Story/Music Time:  Listens and retains information; follows story line (sequencing) with eyes and ears; recognizes words, pictures, instruments, and rhythms (cognitive/pre-reading).
(5)  Dance:  Listens to music and rhythms; learns to understand simple movement directions and their relationship to the music (cognitive/language/arts). Coordinates movements (gross motor development).
(6)  Fingerplays and Songs: Learn words, gestures, and melody (sequencing, repetition, speech and listening skills); follows directions (cognitive). Coordination for gestures and fingerplays (small and gross motor development).
(7)  Putting away toys:  Sorts toys, follows directions (cognitive/pre-math skills). Takes turns, learns to handle toys properly (social). Places object on the shelf, replaces lids, opens and shuts doors (fine and gross motor development/organization).
(8)  Sitting down for a meal: Measuring and pouring; understanding directions (cognitive/science). Appropriate table conversation and manners (social/language). 
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